Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Wilderness - restoring the Balance

Helen Gee will give a free public lecture this Friday night as part of the Fifth National Wilderness Conference being convened this weekend at the University of Technology in Sydney.  The conference will celebrate the many wonderful wilderness areas that remain in Australia.

“Australia presents the greatest challenge for wilderness preservation as our continent contains some of the largest areas of unprotected wilderness outside Antarctica in the developed world.  The Conference will seek out ways to determine how wilderness can make an even bigger contribution to environmental conservation as we move towards an environmentally conscious society,” Helen Gee, spokesperson, said.

“Protecting wilderness does not line our pockets.  Wilderness remains the last bastion of nature standing against the impact of modern technological society.  But have we so distanced ourselves from nature that it has lost its relevance to our daily lives?

“Deep down we all know that the greenhouse effect must be curbed and our consumption of natural resources stabilized.  In that case, wilderness remains the talisman of hope for the natural world and as a legacy for future generations.  The words of Henry Thoreau ‘In Wildness is the preservation of the World’ are as true today as they were when first written in 1851.

“Wilderness purifies our air and water.  It is where the wild things are, and where we find peace and inspiration.  Many plant and animal populations will survive in a greenhouse altered world only if we preserve the self-regulatory capacities of wilderness.

“To bring ourselves under control we need to understand wilderness.  There is no good life without good environment. Bigger is not better if the natural self-sustaining systems of the world decline. We must think in terms of wholes, not parts.  Society needs to develop a new attitude toward wilderness. Wilderness has so much to teach us,” Ms Gee said.

Conference Key Note speaker: Helen Gee will present a free public lecture on wilderness from 8pm at UTS and is available for interview on (02) 9487 2693 or 0401487269

Conference liaison: Keith Muir (02) 9261 2400 (wk) or 9550 3615 (ah)

Website for conference program, speakers bios, background notes, images and venue details