Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Blue Mountains Resort, an attack on World Heritage

“Frank Sartor is doing a poor job by approving the Emirates’ resort without first requiring the developer to produce a document showing its location in the World Heritage listed Wollemi National Park,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

“The general public does not know that the resort was proposed within the national park,” Mr Muir said.

“If the Wolgan Valley resort is built, it will be the first resort in a Blue Mountains National Park,” Mr Muir said.

“A map showing the resort development within the national park has only just come to light from Cumberland Ecology, a consultant group working for the Emirates on World Heritage issues. The fact that their consultant has produced this map is positive proof that the exhibited proposal was deficient, as the Colong Foundation has repeatedly claimed,” he said.

“The parkland swap is a smoke screen to make the development look better for conservation. The Government has accepted the deal, but the reality is that the resort area will annex large areas of national park with a huge fence” he said.

“Sartor’s development approval will see 600 hectares of national park land fenced off within the resort”, said Mr Muir.
“About 1200 hectares of Crown leasehold land, which should be added to the national park estate, has instead found its way into the Emirates possession. If the Emirates were fair dinkum about conservation they would gift these Crown lands to the national park. So much for the great land swap deal; thanks a lot Frank Sartor,” said Mr Muir.

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