Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Gazing reduces blazing ? - flaming Graziers more like it!

“Putting stock into our national parks would cause a pest management problem, nothing more.  They would destroy native plants, prevent regeneration by eating young shorts, churn up the ground, pollute waterways and displace native fauna.  For a national park, stock damage to native plants and animals are pest management issues. 

“The Colong Foundation for Wilderness calls on the Premier, Barry O’Farrell and Environment Minister, Robyn Parker to rule out any introduction of grazing in our national parks apparently being proposed by a ginger group of local councilors in Western NSW*,” said Keith Muir director of the Foundation.

We don’t need this sort of politicisation of grazing and blazing nonsense, especially just before Christmas. The timing of this announcement is appalling.  The graziers who cooked this one up will really have to examine their consciences if there are any arson attacks out West”, he said.

“The grazing reduces blazing argument is nothing more than a blatant ploy to breed and fatten up stock in national parks.  The NPWS should ignore calls to introduce stock in national parks and continue the great job they do conserving and presenting the best parts of NSW for everyone to enjoy”, said Mr Muir.

“The Rural Fire Service is very worried about the general grass fuel hazard in Western NSW.  So everyone has to be very careful with fire, particularly in grasslands anywhere over the Great Dividing Range this year, said Mr Muir. 

“Everyone needs to remember these holidays that burning off without the express permission of the Rural Fire Service is always really, really dumb and dangerous. 

“And it’s just dumb to destroy the natural heritage of our national parks through grazing with domestic stock.  The whole idea of our wonderful national park estate is to preserve our unique native plants and animals, and you can’t do that by grazing stock in them”, Mr Muir said.

“It’s also a bit rich for graziers to claim national parks cause fires, when from time in memorial graziers have been the biggest arsonists in NSW, forever burning off grass for ‘green pick’.  Almost everywhere in Western NSW there’s a vast sward grass that’s a fire hazard.  There are not enough herbivores of all kinds in NSW to eat all the grass, that’s a real fire management problem. The grazing national parks issue is irrelevant,” he said.

For more info contact: Keith Muir, (02) 9261 2400 (wk) or 0412 791 404(mob)

*Support aired for national parks grazing trial, 21 Dec, 9.56am