Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Blood sports in national parks for privatisation dollars


“A deal between the NSW Government and the Shooters Party over electricity privatisation will see hunters using national parks for their distasteful blood sport. This is the most sickening political development in 40 years of nature conservation in NSW,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

“Premier Barry O’Farrell should reject the Shooters Party’s bullying. He must uphold the Coalition’s election promise not to allow hunting in national parks. He should remove privileges from the Shooters Party, like cancelling the taxpayer funding for the Game Council,” he said.

“Conservationists dread what’s coming next. A Shooters Party Upper House Inquiry into our wonderful national parks that will become an inquisition for park managers and a venue for red-necks to express their hatred of national parks and conservation generally,” Mr Muir warned.

“Mr O’Farrell must push back against them Shooters Party pressure, and not let them run parks,” he said.

“The Government should support and fund one of the world’s best national parks system as it should be funded. Its rangers do such an excellent job in pest management.

“Recreational pig and deer hunters will illegally seed national parks with feral animals, wrecking them.  To put these hooligans in charge of pest management, invites more pests in parks, not less” he said.  

“Setting hunters lose in parks will only succeed in driving away potential visitors and running down regional tourism,” said Mr Muir.  

“Blood sport with guns, dogs, or bows and arrows should never be allowed in our national parks and the NSW Government must rethink this terrible blood sports for dollars deal”, he said.

“Hunters only kill the odd pig but their efforts disperse many pigs through the parks. 

“Hunters destroy traps set by rangers to capture large numbers of feral pigs. This is the ugly face of ‘conservation hunting’, Mr Muir said.

(Image opposition – pig hunting that’s coming to a park near you)

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