Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

2018 Media Releases

“Locating further pumped-hydro projects in national parks should be taken to mean war with environment groups,” Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness said. “Locating pumped-hydro projects in wilderness areas should be taken to mean total war with environment groups,” Mr Muir said.
Posted: 12 December 2018
“Political interference has altered an Illawarra Escarpment reserve plan of management from preventing downhill bike tracks[1] to one that can approve construction of up to 82 kilometres of mountain bike tracks.  This rotten deal must the thrown out.  If adopted, it will see up to 16 hectares of the reserve’s sensitive vegetation cleared.
Posted: 20 November 2018
On Tuesday next week the NSW Parliament will debate legislation[1] to enable a 75 year lease to be issued for the Snowy 2 pump storage power development inside Kosciuszko National Park.  The proposal is still at the exploration stage, and may not be viable, but if it proceeds it will seriously damage our largest National Park.
Posted: 9 November 2018
MARIE BYLES AWARD - For the most inspiring community action initiative. Colong Wild Rivers [aka - Get a Dam] Region: Blue Mountains Contact: Harry Burkitt 0490 010 909 Lives: Lalor Park (Blacktown City)
Posted: 29 October 2018
[Extract from Bob Brown Foundation media release - 29 October, 2018 ] The Bob Brown Foundation presented its 7th annual Environment Awards in Hobart today, honouring environmentalists from across the world and around Australia. The awards were established in 2012 to acknowledge environmentalists campaigning to protect the natural world, with a particular focus on activism and a preparedness to confront environmental destruction head on. . . . 
Posted: 29 October 2018
Disturbing footage of dead and dying feral horses* by the Snowy River and elsewhere in the Kosciuszko National Park (KNP) reveals serious flaws in the NSW Government’s Kosciuszko Wild Horse Heritage Act, 2018.
Posted: 26 October 2018
“Lithgow on the western edge of the Blue Mountains is endowed with some of the best natural assets in NSW, but rather than honour and protect these assets, it has let them go unmanaged.  I’m not talking about the region’s declining coal resources, but its spectacular and internationally significant pagoda landscapes,” Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness said.
Posted: 16 October 2018
A letter has been sent to the NSW Premier by over 20 prominent scientists, park managers and former environment ministers condemning legislation to allow dam inundation of the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area. Signatories include former Australian Environment Minister Peter Garrett, UNSW ecologist Professor Richard Kingsford, businessman and environmentalist Geoff Cousins and former NSW Environment Minister Bob Debus.
Posted: 2 October 2018
134,000 people would be added to the Hawkesbury-Nepean floodplain over the next 30 years a key NSW government report on raising of Warragamba Dam wall has stated1.
Posted: 20 September 2018
"The Colong Foundation is so concerned about the prospect of raising of the Warragamba Dam wall that it sent its Wild Rivers Campaigner, Harry Burkitt to meet with the World Heritage Committee delegates in Bahrain.  The former Environment Minister, Bob Debus, who also attended the meeting, has reported that as a result of these representations, international concerns have been raised over these plans to flood parts of the World Heritage listed property.  His report follows", said Keith Muir, director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.
Posted: 29 June 2018
“Snowy Hydro’s is seeking to short cut assessment for its initial 4.4 kilometre access tunnel proposal[1] of its massive Snowy 2.0 project.  The so-called exploration proposal will bulldoze 114 hectares of Kosciuszko National Park but Snowy Hydro claims this disturbance of a National Heritage listed national park is not a significant impact.
Posted: 18 June 2018
“Henry Gold has been working as a volunteer landscape photographer since 1967 and last night at the launch of his spectacular Wild Light photographic exhibition he was honoured by the Lord Mayor of Sydney, Clover Moore among others,” Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness revealed.
Posted: 7 June 2018
“On World Environment Day it’s easy to get depressed about the appalling fate of all life on earth.  We won’t clean up our act.  Yet despite the abuse, waste and greed we inflict on the more-than-human world, it nurtures us.  And incredibly for Sydney-siders wilderness is still easy to visit. It’s only a two hour train trip away,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation.
Posted: 5 June 2018
For over fifty years Henry Gold has been the honorary landscape photographer to the NSW environment movement.  He is one of Australia’s most distinguished wilderness photographers#[1].
Posted: 1 June 2018
NSW Deputy Premier, Minister for Regional NSW and Member for Monaro, John Barilaro yesterday announced the NSW Government’s next piece of national park legislation shall be about “heritage horses”. A probably livid Environment Minister Upton did not release a statement, as Deputy Premier Barilaro announced his Party’s colonial notions for the high country shall trump any scientific principles of park management.
Posted: 21 May 2018
NSW Government plan[1] to spend $27 million to build 46km of new cycling and walking paths through the fragile alpine ecosystems in the iconic Kosciuszko National Park should not proceed.  No detailed an environmental impact assessment and public review is planned for these projects.
Posted: 18 April 2018
The Colong Foundation for Wilderness will be launching its Wild Rivers Campaign in the Blue Mountains later this month. Dr Bob Brown and Bob Debus AM have thrown their support behind the conservation group’s push to save 65 kilometres of World Heritage Listed wild rivers from the proposed raising of Warragamba Dam wall.
Posted: 13 March 2018
"We welcome this new independent inquiry into the Southern Coalfield that covers the drinking water catchments south of Sydney,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.
Posted: 2 March 2018
“Yesterday the Independent Planning Commission gave approval to Invincible, an open-cut coal mine in the Gardens of Stone region, so that it can start mining.  So Coal is King even when most of the good coal has been already mined in an irreplaceable and internationally significant pagoda landscape,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.
Posted: 6 February 2018