Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

2019 Media Releases

  Decisive action needed to end the suffering of starving horses in Guy Fawkes National Park The misery of hunger and starvation stalks the horses in Guy Fawkes National Park since the drought and Bees Nest fire removed all remnant feed,” said Wilson Harris, Natural Areas Campaigner for the Colong Foundation.  “More than 200 emaciated, 28 dead and 3 dying horses were observed on a site inspection of the park last month, a huge number for such poor country.” Long term problem
Posted: 24 December 2019
The release today of the 2019 Australian Alps Feral Horse Aerial Survey reveals that Kosciuszko National Park feral horse population has exploded. The survey reports a population increase of ~275.5% since the last count in 2014, numbers having grown from 9190 to 25,318, and with it a huge increase of horse-inflicted damage occurring throughout Kosciuszko National Park.
Posted: 16 December 2019
An eighty kilometre saunter around paradise for visitors and locals alike Sydney— 9 December 2019 —  The Colong Foundation for Wilderness welcomes the walk from Bondi Beach to Manly, as a simple but valuable cooperative effort between state and local governments that will benefit tourism and locals.
Posted: 9 December 2019
“Snowy 2.0 proposal must be rejected because it will return to Australia a pittance on the huge political, emotional and economic investment we’re putting into it,” said Keith Muir, Director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness. “The consolidated tax profit to Snowy Hydro last financial year was just $210.2 million for hydro power generation of 4,349GWh[1].  So even if Snowy 2.0 generates 350GWh of stand-by power, which it can’t, it will make a miniscule return on investment,” he said.  
Posted: 16 October 2019
Green energy requires careful planning to protect natural heritage The Colong Foundation for Wilderness has welcomed yesterday’s solar-battery power announcement for Lord Howe Island by Environment and Energy Minister, Matt Kean.  The Minister’s decision demonstrates in a practical way how green energy projects can take the needs of the natural environment fully into account.
Posted: 11 October 2019
Wilderness flooding dams are a bad investment NSW Planning Minister Robert Stokes’ decision to fast track dams is going to produce bad, politically motivated projects that damage wilderness and are unlikely to deliver drought relief that rural communities need. “Today’s announcement is likely to turn wilderness areas into potential dam sites,” said Keith Muir, Director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.
Posted: 10 October 2019
And Public Servants who provide fearless and frank advice should be heeded, not threatened Today the Colong Foundation for Wilderness attacked National Ministers John Barilaro and Melinda Parvey who have threatening public servants with the sack for giving frank professional advice.
Posted: 9 October 2019
Disappointing EIS for main Snowy 2.0 project released today Today, Snowy Hydro released its environmental impact statement for the main Snowy 2.0 project, even though it’s exploration works, approved earlier this year, are only just underway.  Clearly these exploration works were a cynical approvals exercise to get the project going.
Posted: 26 September 2019
The Colong Foundation condemns the Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Party for introducing legislation* today that seeks to permit commercial logging in national parks under the National Parks and Wildlife Act in NSW, 1974. “I call on Matt Kean, Minister for Energy and Environment to confirm that logging national parks is not Coalition policy and will never be Coalition policy,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.
Posted: 8 August 2019
Coal mining unionists and environmentalists Vernon Moffitt (1924-2001) and Joyce Moffitt (1930-1999) will be celebrated with the unveiling of a plaque, followed by a BBQ lunch, on Sunday 30 June, 1pm at the Lithgow State Heritage Mine Park, 3A State Mine Gully Road, Lithgow.
Posted: 26 June 2019
Tonight the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, Colong Foundation and Lithgow Environment Group* launch a visitor plan that positions Lithgow as the gateway to the Gardens of Stone area. Accompanying the report is a short documentary on the efforts of a growing community alliance to protect the area.
Posted: 8 April 2019
Access the report from the Gardens of Stone site from 6pm Monday 8th April. - - - - - -
Posted: 7 April 2019
“NSW Labor’s plan to protect our environment and address climate change released this morning (28 Feb) is bold on climate change.  It offers hope to the coming generations and leadership on nature conservation.  School children are genuinely concerned about their future and now at least they can look to a major political party prepared to take action. If elected Labor will require a future NSW Government to obtain all of its energy from renewable sources by 2025,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.
Posted: 28 February 2019
"No politician denies Snowy 2 is expensive. It’s justified as a nation building project, but it will damage the national heritage listed Kosciuszko National Park,” said Keith Muir director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness. “The assertion in the NSW determination notice that the works can be undertaken without any significant impacts on the biodiversity, recreational and conservation values of the Kosciuszko National Park[1] is 100% incorrect,” he said.
Posted: 27 February 2019