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Snowy 2.0 main project – an expensive, damaging half-flat battery

Disappointing EIS for main Snowy 2.0 project released today

Today, Snowy Hydro released its environmental impact statement for the main Snowy 2.0 project, even though it’s exploration works, approved earlier this year, are only just underway.  Clearly these exploration works were a cynical approvals exercise to get the project going.

“Snowy 2.0 is old-fashioned, relying on a massive upgrade of the existing national power grid when today in the Herald the Australian Energy Market Commission is warning not to keep building traditional infrastructure and passing on those costs to consumers.  This is of course exactly what Snowy 2.0 locks in while burning huge amounts of energy pushing water uphill,” said Keith Muir, Director at The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd.


Snowy 2.0 delights centralised coal-fired power plant operators

Snowy 2.0 is a massive project that relies on off-peak power fed to it through huge powerlines by last century coal-fired electricity generators.  Its old-fashioned thinking.  The EIS refers to selection studies by Snowy Hydro from 28 years ago, and does not meet the needs of an decentralised energy system that must evolve safely and efficiently to manage two-way energy flows from households with solar panels on the roof and batteries in the garage.

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