Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Minister Stokes’ Dam Plans

Wilderness flooding dams are a bad investment

NSW Planning Minister Robert Stokes’ decision to fast track dams is going to produce bad, politically motivated projects that damage wilderness and are unlikely to deliver drought relief that rural communities need.

“Today’s announcement is likely to turn wilderness areas into potential dam sites,” said Keith Muir, Director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

Dam Proposals turning coastal rivers inland are a pie in the sky dream

“The possible diversion dam sites are located in protected wilderness areas on the Manning, Macleay, Clarence and Border rivers”, Mr Muir said.

“Robert Stokes is set to become the Minister for flooding NSW wilderness.  For decades these proposals have been known to be economically and environmentally unsound,” Mr Muir said.

“Only really big diversion dams can make a difference during droughts and such dams for inland river diversions have huge community, economic and environmental impacts.  National member for Clarence, Chris Gulaptis has said of these proposals that “it’s a pie-in-the-sky dream” (ABCNews 3 June, 2019).                                      ###

Report - Damning NSW wilderness

Yesterday the Colong Foundation criticised Ministers Barilari and Parvey for threatening public servants with the sack over dam delays.