Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Nationalistic push for more dams is just a distraction

And Public Servants who provide fearless and frank advice should be heeded, not threatened

Today the Colong Foundation for Wilderness attacked National Ministers John Barilaro and Melinda Parvey who have threatening public servants with the sack for giving frank professional advice.

“The National Party needs to back off on their blame game.  Conservationists are a fair go, we can hit back, but public servants must never be cowed into submission with threats of the sack.  The NSW Government needs to accept advice from public servants about our water problems,” said Keith Muir, Director at the Colong Foundation for Wilderness.

“Ministers Pavey and Barilaro have directed the anxieties of inland communities towards conservationists and public servants, who they suggest are preventing governments from building dams.  The real culprits of this water crisis are successive state and federal governments whose policies have over-allocated water resources. As a result, adequate water security allocations for inland communities are not in the system”, Mr Muir said.

More Wilderness Flooding Dams won’t work

“There are cheaper, more sustainable ways of securing water in the Murray Darling Basin than building dams, for example, by managed aquifer recharge to sustain inland town water supplies during droughts. This could easily be paid for by replacing the subsidies to the highly profitable 3,000 rice and cotton irrigators in the Basin with a cost recovery program,” Mr Muir said.

Detailed report on Damning NSW wilderness is now available.