Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Solar the way to go for World Heritage listed Lord Howe Island

Green energy requires careful planning to protect natural heritage

The Colong Foundation for Wilderness has welcomed yesterday’s solar-battery power announcement for Lord Howe Island by Environment and Energy Minister, Matt Kean.  The Minister’s decision demonstrates in a practical way how green energy projects can take the needs of the natural environment fully into account.

“The original proposal had wind turbines, that were visually intrusive and potentially may have harmed the wheeling flocks of marine birds that visit and live on this World Heritage listed island paradise,” said Keith Muir, Director at The Colong Foundation for Wilderness .

“Some may consider wind turbines are not intrusive, but any bird struck by a wind turbine blade is not going to live, and many thousand birds nest on Lord Howe Island,” Mr Muir said.

Green energy can come with very serious environmental impacts

“We hope the Snowy 2.0 pump-storage proposal has a shakedown like that given to Lord Howe's green energy scheme.  This apparently ‘iconic’ hydro scheme seeks dump millions of tonnes of waste rock on Kosciuszko National Park and bulldoze vast majestic tracts of pristine old growth woodlands and forests.  This proposal demonstrates that green energy can have an unnecessarily large, brown backside. In this case it comes with three times more ugly roadways than M4 Westconnex,” said Mr Muir.

“This mad, bad, ten billion dollar rogue white elephant with a 27 kilometre long trunk needs to be shot”, Mr Muir added.       



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