Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Conservationists welcome biggest ever pest control program

Post-fire recovery planning will bring nature back from the brink

The Colong Foundation for Wilderness welcomed the announcement by Energy and Environment Minister, Matt Kean, to undertake “the biggest pest campaign program ever” to help our wildlife recover from the most extensive fire event that NSW has experienced.

Matt Kean knows what he’s doing

“Fire fragments habitats. It reduces, subdivides and isolates wildlife populations, but with effective pest control these populations will be able to grow, expand, consolidate and reconnect. Its neglect after heavy hits like these fires that causes mass extinctions, and Matt Kean isn’t going to let that happen!”, said Keith Muir, director of the Foundation.

“A billion animals may have been lost, but these will be replaced as we manage this fire recovery.  Minister Kean has heard the call for pest control from the community.  It is those threatened animals at risk from wildfire that need our special attention, such as endangered upland swamps, home to range of highly threatened flora and fauna that must be protected from feral horses.  We must ensure resources flow to where fire threatened species need it most,” he said.

“It is great that awareness and concern for threatened nature is higher than ever before.  It needs to be guided, and the NPWS and Matt Kean are working hard on a plan.  With a plan NSW volunteers will enable a better recovery for our national parks.  The NPWS saved the Wollemi Pine, and with new knowledge and skills we can help save wilderness and its threatened species again and again till climate change is pushed back to normality”, said Mr Muir.


For more info: Keith Muir 0412791404