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Open-Cut Coal Mining over in the Gardens of Stone Region

Ben Bullen State ForestThe receiver managing Coalpac, the owner of the Invincible Colliery and Cullen Valley Mine, said on Monday that the company will be liquidated. The receiver has also stated that this makes it highly unlikely that there will be an appeal of the recent Planning Assessment Commission decision to block the expansion of open-cut mining in the Cullen Bullen area.

The Planning Assessment Commission found that the area had a "high conservation value" and "the best use of the area was for conservation". 

Keith Muir, director of the Colong Foundation and a member of the Gardens of Stones alliance, said the government should now accept that open-cut coal mining in the sensitive area was over.

Mr Muir has also stated that this made it an ideal time to reserve the area and protect it for its conservation values. 

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