Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Stop the NSW Government’s plans to log and graze parks

Why you should be concerned?

A Natural Resources Commission (NRC) proposal1 threatens the future of NSW parks as sanctuaries for native animals and plants.  Conservationists worked for decades to stop logging and grazing in the Pilliga. The Natural Resources Commission now claims that logging and grazing will actually improve the health of the native plants and animals that live there.
The NSW Government is now considering the NRC draft report for logging native pines and grazing cattle in state conservation areas as solutions to the environmental problems caused by past logging and grazing. The detailed submissions below may assist you to understand that the NRC's proposals have no scientific and economic justification. If you don't need convincing, then write to the Premier now on this link.

Natural Resources Commission's alarming recommendations for state conservation areas include:

  • Commercial logging of White Cypress Pine, called ecological thinning in the report, in 57,000 hectares of the Goonoo, Pilliga, Pilliga West and Trinkey State Conservation Areas;
  • Cattle grazing in state conservation areas;
  • Using trees felled from parks to generate green electricity;
  • Stacking park management committees with local graziers and loggers; and
  • Putting NPWS regional managers on notice that they must deliver logging and grazing outcomes.

1 Natural Resources Commission, June 2014, Active and Adaptive Cypress Management in the Brigalow and Nandewar State Conservation Areas, NRC, Sydney