Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Centennial Coal, Wilderness not Waste Demonstration - pictures

A group of protesters today lunchtime in front of Centennial Coal's head office chanted slogans seeking pure drinking water, not mine waste; and World Heritage and nationally endangered swamps protected from mining.

Centennial Coal please:

  • Clean up the Wollgangambe River. 
  • Stop polluting of the Wollgangambe River with 19ML/day of toxic mine effluent. 
  • Don't continue to pollute the Coxs River with 23ML/day of toxic mine effluent. 
  • Protect endangered swamps on Nerwnes Plateau - they are a part of Australia's national heritage

Kate Smolski of the Nature Conservation Council of NSW; Brian Marshall of the Blue Mountains Conservation Society; Isabell Macintosh of the Protect Sydney’s Water Alliance; and Keith Muir of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness addressed the assembly.

Prime TV coverage of demonstration

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Clean up the coal fines in the wollangambe

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