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Write opposing the dud Western Sydney Airport proposal - webform guide

Act now to stop the Western Sydney Airport. Use the Colong Foundation's guide to make a submission objecting to the proposed Airport.Deadline for submissions is COB Friday 18 December.

Call for a revised and re-exhibited draft EIS with options for flight paths, operating modes and runway orientation to ensure noise pollution impacts are avoided to the greatest extent possible.

For a more detailed understanding of why the proposed airport is a dud see the Colong Foundation's submission.

The current draft EIS it fails to minimise environmental impacts. The draft EIS does not consider options that improve environmental outcomes for the proposed airport. It mostly examines five years of proposed airport operations from 2025 to 2030 to make it look less damaging. Imagine if coal mine proposal examined only five years of its operation. It would be tossed out. No, it wouldn't get to exhibition.

The independent review of the proposed Western Sydney Airport released on Thursday December 3rd revealed that its draft environmental impact statement (draft EIS) was quickly cobbled together to meet legal requirements. The draft EIS, for example,didn’t seek to minimise noise impacts from the proposed 24-hour-a-day airport operation or limit ozone levels generated by airport traffic. The proposed 24-hour-a-day airport operation will cause sleep interruption for many people and the road traffic associated with the proposed airport will create unacceptable levels of smog.

Reject the dud Airport proposal.Use this submission guide that points to some of the key failings in the draft EIS to make a submission objecting to the airport.

Yours sincerely,

Keith Muir
The Colong Foundation for Wilderness Ltd