Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Call to protect Kosciuszko National Park from feral horses

The Colong Foundation is calling for the community to support the NPWS Kosciuszko National
Park Draft Wild Horse Management Plan 2016 by writing a submission. Once adopted, this plan will enable the NPWS to protect the park's heritage and natural values from increased environmental degradation by introducing management that will greatly reduce feral horse numbers.

This plan to humanely eliminate more feral horses is necessary as environmental degradation (and horse suffering) must increase unless the park's feral horse population is curbed. Current horse removal rate of 400 horses/year is too low and horse numbers are growing. 

Concerned members of the community can use the guide letter on this link to make a submission.

Please help secure better feral horse management for Koscisuzko National Park. Submission close at 5pm, 19 August, 2016.

For more explanation please visit Colong's Horse Management submissionColong’s feral horse management policy, feral horse policy background for Kosciuszko National Park and for the NPWS website for the feral horse management draft plan of management (extenal link).