Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

International Landscape Photography Magazine joins the growing supporter base of the Gardens of Stone

It is sexy, it is glossy, it takes you to places only the most dedicated landscape photographers will capture - Landscape Photography Magazine is the bible and inspiration for landscape photographers across the globe.

Dimitri Vasileiou, editor of Landscape Photography Magazine, is supporting Gardens of Stone with a feature article in the upcoming 2016 September issue and by donating five Platinum Magazine Memberships with access to all back issues and future issues for two whole years to this superb publication. 

The article featured in this superb publication, will highlight the crucial role photography plays in the conservation of the magnificent Gardens of Stone region, like it did for the iconic wild rivers of Tasmania three decades ago. In the article, Henry Gold, who has dedicated a lifetime to photography for conservation speaks about his passion for landscape photography, his dedication to the protection of the Australian wilderness and about what drives him to chase that one perfect image. 

Visit Henry's wilderness gallery where images can be purchased. All proceeds go to support the Colong Foundation.