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New report identifies unique natural assets in the Gardens of Stone region

A new report reveals that the best of the Blue Mountains lies unprotected outside the World Heritage Area.

“The report, commissioned by three NSW environment groups[i], was released this Saturday at Sydney University at an event to celebrate the unique heritage values of the Gardens of Stone.  For the first time a report has taken stock of the cultural and natural assets of some 39,000 hectares of the Gardens of Stone region, near Lithgow.

“What the report found is that this area in many ways surpasses what we find in the World Heritage area, and yet, these 39,000 hectares are not managed for conservation, they are currently unprotected State Forest”, Keith Muir, Director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness said.

“The report found the area, referred to as Gardens of Stone: Stage 2 reserve proposal features:

  • Pagoda rock formations of international significance;
  • Ancient Aboriginal Rock Art;
  • Rich biodiversity;
  • Nationally Endangered swamp environments;
  • A wealth of endangered plant and animal species.

“The public forests of the Gardens of Stone region are of very little value to primary industries, but of immeasurable conservation value.  We are not asking the Government to spend millions on buying private land for conservation”, Mr Muir explained.

“Today we ask the Baird Government to move the land it already owns from one portfolio to another.  We want the “Gardens of Stone: Stage 2” to be moved from State Forest to National Parks and Wildlife jurisdiction and made a state conservation area where it would be protected and managed as a reserve for conservation and recreation,” he said.

“This is a simple request, but it is an incredibly urgent one. If we don’t act now to protect this natural treasure, we will not get a second chance in the future,” Keith Muir said.

Heritage Report Summary

For more information contact:
Keith Muir 9261 2400 or 0412 791 404 

[i] The Gardens of Stone Alliance was formed in 2014 by the Blue Mountains Conservation Society, the Colong Foundation for Wilderness and the Lithgow Environment Group.