Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Scientists support bid by the NSW Government to remove feral horses from national parks

Australia’s most expert ecologists have written to the Premier of NSW, Mike Baird, to call for humane and effective feral horse control for Kosciuszko National Park and to support the park's draft horse management plan.

Speaking in relation to a statement the scientists issued last Friday, Ecologist Professor Don Driscoll, from Deakin’s Centre for Integrative Ecology, within the School of Life and Environmental Sciences, said “Horses are not compatible with the primary goal of nature conservation in a national park."

He said that “NSW is obliged to manage Kosciuszko National Park in a way that protects ecosystem processes, species and ecosystems that are characteristic of the area.”

“Rapidly reducing the population will ... be more cost effective, result in fewer horses being killed over time, minimise horse suffering and prevent further degradation of Australia's unique alpine ecosystems.”

The Colong Foundation agrees with the 41 scientists from 16 Universities who signed the statement regarding humane and effective feral horse management for national parks. In fact, the Colong Foundation believes that the NSW Government is required by law to protect Kosciuszko National Park and horses that threaten the parks ecosystems and species must be removed. 

The proposal by the pro-horse lobby that Kosciuszko National Park must support managed herds of feral horses to the detriment of park values is ridiculous. This lobby believes horses are more important than native wildlife and spend huge amounts of energy pressuring the National Parks and Wildlife Service to get their way. We are pleased that the NSW Government has not weakened its stance in the face of this emotive issue.

Link to the complete Deakin University media release

Letter of support for the NPWS horse management plan from 41 scientists from 16 universities