Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Waterfalls continue to be damaged by Centennial Coal's Springvale Mine

Pristine waters flowing from nationally endangered upland swamps is being lost, and so too are the waterfalls fed by them. The environmental abuse is beyond words, yet waterfall impacts were ignored in the Environmental Impact Statement for Springvale's mine extension ...


How many millions does Centennial Coal pay to offset the loss of a waterfall? NOTHING! These priceless assets are destroyed without any consideration.

This falls fed by the Gang Gang Swamps (GG East and GG West). Springvale mine's longwalls 420, 421 and 422 will see flows over this waterfall cease! Waterfall destruction without environmental impact assessment should be crime. 

The nationally significant ecological community, upland swamps on sandstone and waterfalls - a draft swamp offset policy to paper over the environmental abuse and make it seem OK. It isn't, its wrong. 

Its senseless destruction of the Gardens of Stone reserve proposal.