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Ann Young - Upland Swamps in the Sydney Region - avail now

 Upland Swamps in the Sydney Region by Ann Young is now available.

The upland swamps that lie on the sandstone plateaus around Sydney are endangered ecological communities and storehouses of records of climatic and fire histories over the past 40,000 years or more. They are vital to the health of Sydney's water catchment areas because they supply clean water even during droughts. Yet they are threatened by severe impacts from urbanisation, forestry and underground mining of coal. They are the 'canaries above the mines', giving the first evidence of water loss from streams on the plateaus.

This book brings together the research on the upland swamps in a readable and clear form. It is written as a tribute to the researchers who are unravelling the complex scientific questions about the swamps and to the dedicated conservationists who continue to fight for protection of these important communities.

Ann Young's research on the upland swamps spans four decades. She is the author of books on environmental impact in Australia, soils in the Australian landscape, sandstone landforms and understanding the scenery of Royal and Morton national parks.

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