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Centennial Coal seeks to continue pollution of Sydney's water supplies

The new year starts with a bid by Centennial Coal to continue polluting Sydney's drinking water that flies in the face of last year's announcement to remove Springvale's mine water from the Coxs River.

Please make a submission objecting to Centennial Coal's on-going pollution of the Coxs River, the World Heritage Area and Sydney's drinking water supplies.

Colong Foundation's draft submission objecting to the on-going mine water pollution of the Coxs River by the Springvale mine.


2016 news on Springvale mine: 

Centennial Coal/EnergyAustralia must remove more mine water from drinking water 

The decision by Centennial Coal/EnergyAustralia to remove of up to 32 ML/day of treated mine water through the use of Thompsons Creek Reservoir will reduce pollution problems in the Coxs River headwaters. The capacity of the pipeline and mine water treatment scheme must now be significantly expanded to adequately address the mine water pollution problems as required under a Upper Coxs River Action Plan.

Today's announcement has decoupled the proposed mine water treatment from the Mt Piper power plant’s coal consumption by the addition of the Thompsons Creek Reservoir! This means that mine water usage by the power plant can be maximised by adding more water transfer capacity without having to discharge any treated mine water to the Coxs River as originally proposed. There is a long way to go, as more sources need treatment so that this better scheme is fully utilised!

Water from a giant fly ash emplacement and the Springvale Coal Services Area is a priority to be included in the treatment scheme (see image). 

This is a time bomb of toxic pollution going down Wangcol Creek into our drinking water and must be diverted into the water treatment proposal.

A lot more mine water can and should be treated as required under the Upper Coxs River Action Plan

For more details see:

Centennial Coal/Energy Australia's proposal

The University Student's mine water augmentation options

The Colong Foundation's submission.


Meanwhile ... Manildra’s Nut Coal shenanigans – the Invincible Extension Project 

The development application to restart open-cut mining in the twice refused Invincible Mine will go to a Planning Assessment Commission (PAC) because of the huge political donations, so there's a chance to stop the mine for a THIRD TIME!

According to the Manildra Group, the defunct mine must be restarted to provide ‘Nut Coal’ as furnace fuel for its Bomaderry starch and ethanol plant. The Ben Bullen pagoda landscape is unique, irreplaceable and covers a small area of which the woodlands affected by this proposed open-cut mining operation are a key part.

Help us stop the Gardens of Stone region being destroyed as you drive on ethanol blended petrol. Colong will let you know when its time to make a PAC submission on this new 'Nut Coal’ proposal that threatens the beautiful Ben Bullen State Forest. 

For more information see the Colong Foundation's submission as an objection.