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Dr Geoff Mosley: book launch and special celebration

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On March 23rd, 2017, Envirobook, in association with the Colong Foundation, held a book launch for Dr Geoff Mosley’s memoir, Repaying my Debt - A Conservationist's Tale. Following the launch, at a special celebration of his life’s work as a conservationist, Goeff was made the first Honary Life Member of the Colong Foundation. The main part of this exciting event was :- 

ABC Radio National's BIG IDEAS recorded a special hour long conversation with Geoff Mosley and RN's Gregg Borschmann that will be aired later in the year.

Listen to the conversation.

Dr Geoff Mosley is one of Australia’s most respected conservationists. In his recent memoir he writes about ‘steady state economy’ – as a way to resolve the current environmental crisis. Enjoy his passion for the environment and why he has spent a life time fighting for it. 

You can read Geoff's address to a workshop held at the Workers Educational Association, Sydney that was convened by Janine Kitson, Deputy Chairperson of the Colong Foundation on March 25, 2017.

In this memoir Geoff Mosley tells of his early formative years spent in the UK's famed Peak District. The book gives a good account of what life was like during those turbulent years (1931–50) before moving on to his student days. Trained as a geographer, Geoff tells of his early adventures abroad, his time spent completing National Service and then embarking on further travel to Canada and New Zealand before eventually settling in Australia in 1960.

It was here in Australia that Geoff was to make his mark as a conservationist of both national and international significance. The Australian Conservation Foundation and Geoff’s involvement with it from its earliest days is part of this detailed story. There is also a personal story of a busy life with a growing family and the sacrifices made along the way. A tireless worker still, these pages also outline his message on how to save the Planet from the excesses of today. See book review for more.