Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Royal National Park – A Birthing Place for the National Parks Movement

The setting up of national parks systems has been a global conservation phenomenon. It is therefore very important that international recognition is given to how the movement began. Probably the best world example of this birthing in a largely natural area is the establishment of Royal National Park that had a major influence on the development of national parks not only in New South Wales but also in the other colonies. In New South Wales Royal’s legacy includes the development of larger national parks in the Blue Mountains and in the Snowy Mountains and the evolution and spread of the wilderness movement. The establishment of Royal also inspired the establishment of national parks at Belair in South Australia and Wilsons Promontory in Victoria. Each of these helped spread the national parks movement in their respective States. In July 2017 the World Heritage Committee placed the English Lake District on the World Heritage List, a first for the recognition of a different type of national park protecting rural man made landscapes. The obvious next candidate for World Heritage listing is Royal National Park, a natural.

Geoff Mosley

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