Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

A Tourism Plan to exploit the Blue Mountains

A grab-bag of tourist proposals in the draft Blue Mountains Destination Management Plan on exhibition seeks to double visitor expenditure but seems to be a speculative exercise. Its exclusive resort proposals would drag visitors away from small business while massive plans for coach tourism will place a further tourist cost burden on council through parking and waste collection. Many of its proposals would degrade the World Heritage Area, as well as local town amenity, and will almost certainly result in uniting the community in opposition to it. 

Colong Foundation Media Release on draft plan.

The Blue Mountains community long ago resolved to build on what it has been good at, and with some notable deviations, has for over a century headed toward forms of tourism based on respect for land, rather than exploitation of it. Such tourism ensures that national parks remain sacrosanct, with no on-park development apart from walking tracks and basic visitor facilities around the edges. This promotion of walking tracks and magnificent scenery has maximised everyone’s joy in nature, so it is hard to believe the community is going to deviate from its vision as a City within a World Heritage national park. Promoting this vision will, if properly marketed ensure visitors, that are not trapped on Sydney-based day tours, stay to enjoy the cultural events and restaurants the region offers. The unique cultural diversity that works towards being compatible with nature and World Heritage is what makes the Mountains so special.

To suggest a U-turn on this vision and go all out for maximum development is just not the Blue Mountains. 

Read the Colong Foundation submission on the draft tourism destination management plan.

Please take advantage of Blue Mountains City Council’s public comment and review process to stop this plan, to protect our vulnerable bushlands and national parks. Submissions will be received on the Council website till April 21st on the following link

Ask Blue Mountains City Council to:

  • Oppose the Destination Management Plan’s proposals in national parks, including built accommodation and intrusive infrastructure, such as large car parks and ‘wow-factor’ cantilevered lookouts;
  • Oppose ‘Game changer’ tourist over-development, particularly in bushland areas, including the proposal for an unnecessary ’internationally-branded’ 250 bed mega-resort and conference centre, an exclusive six hectare Destination Holiday Park and facilitating bus-based day tourism from Sydney; and
  • Support instead better funding, communication, promotion and integration of existing facilities and events that are compatible with the nature-focused vision of the Blue Mountains as a city within a World Heritage national park. 

Link to the draft Blue Mountains Destination Management Plan (11MB)

Proposed for Govetts Leap and at Leura Falls

Cabins/Glamping proposed for Ruined Castle, Kedumba River Crossing and old Leura STP site.