Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Bob Brown calls for protection of the Gardens of Stone



Last Sunday Dr Bob Brown visited the Gardens of Stone region near Birds Rock on the Newnes Plateau to see its spectacular natural stone temples that the locals call pagodas.  Bob loved the place and its beauty. He said that its pagoda landscapes were “very different from anywhere else around Australia or indeed elsewhere around the world.”

Dr Brown said “One of the thrilling things about this beautiful Gardens of Stone is that it is a garden.  Its got a thousand species of native plants here and of those 42 are threatened.  Now that thousand is almost equivalent to the plant diversity of whole of the World Heritage Area.”

Dr Brown said the Gardens of Stone is about lifting the spirit.  “It’s a wonder everywhere you look.  It’s just different, an amazing kaleidoscope of sandstone formations in a living landscape.” …  He said that “at least it should be listed as National Heritage.  It’s right up there and it needs protecting.”

Madi Maclean, President of Blue Mountains Conservation Society said that “An Independent Assessment Commission had confirmed that pagoda landforms are internationally significant and worthy of the highest level of protection.”

Director of the Colong Foundation for Wilderness, Keith Muir, added that “Bob Brown’s visit has offered hope for protection of this forest region that is covered in coal mines,” Mr Muir said.

For more info. contact: Keith Muir, (02) 9261 2400 (wk) or 0412 791 404 (mob)
 Madi Maclean (0412 428 202)