Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Feral Horse Free Kosci - a fact sheet on national park abuse

The NSW government’s decision to provide protection for an invasive species achieves no desirable outcomes, only acting to appease the minority interest, pro-brumby lobby.

The Reclaim Kosci Fact Sheet outlines the stark difference between ten truths and myths regarding feral horses in Kosciuszko National Park.

Wilson Harris, Harry Burkit and Keith Muir from the Colong Foundation attended the Australian Academy of Science conference on Feral Horse Impacts on November 8th, and discovered that the situation for Kosciuszko is dire. 

Scientists have closed ranks to defend our largest national park from an unprecedented attack on its management purpose by opposing the legislation that requires feral horses to be protected in this national park. 

Please spread the word - unless the horses are removed from the park asap, Kosiuszko will be ruined beyond recovery in less than a decade. Soon its headwater swamps and soils will lose capacity to hold and slowly release water.

The peat, and the organic matter in soils are going, and with it the beauty and soul of Kosciuszko. No ifs, no but-what-abouts, the park is dying as its organic soils along drainage lines decomposes into CO2 or is washed away. Byadbo Wilderness has more or less had it, due to overgrazing induced massive soil loss. 

More on this important conference later.