Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Plans for horse riding in Wilderness on exhibition

The NPWS has been forced to exhibit plan of management amendments to permanently allow horse riding in four declared wilderness areas even though there is little interest in riding in these rugged areas.

The NSW Government's political decision on horse riding in wilderness areas was part of the "Heritage Horse" deal with National Party. 

Take Action, please object to the extension of horse riding in wilderness

The biased horse riding trial is no basis for further proposed amendments to park management to permanently allow extension of horse riding. The Colong Foundation prepared a submission guide on these amendments. Use this guide with the confidence that it is based on an expert review that fould this trial to be badly flawed and undertaken to prop up Government policy. 

Colong Foundation's a detailed submission as an objection to these draft plan of management amendments.

The deadline for submissions is next Tuesday, August 7.

Amendments are proposed to three plans of management that would allow horse riding in the wilderness areas of Kosciuszko, Deua (Far South Coast Escarpment) and Mummel Gulf National Parks. Downloads of the three NPWS plan amendments are available or go straight to the submission guide.