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Lithgow's waste facility proposal to boost toxic pollution

An incinerator plan is being proposed near Lithgow that the community of western Sydney does not want. It will generate toxic pollution.

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The proposal seeks to plug a new furnace powered by recyclable materials onto the existing Mt Piper power plant.

The proponents, Energy Australia and Re.Group, claim the proposal generates green energy, but it will be more polluting and expensive to operate than the existing coal-fired power.

This proposed energy facility will burn materials that should be recycled. If approved, it will pollute Blue Mountains’ air and water, create toxic solid waste and undermine the state's zero waste strategies. 

The proponent has reframed justification of this waste burning technology to present itself as ‘green energy’ generation that will combat climate change. The costly to run proposal seeks to pick up financial subsidies for green energy and appear benign.  The language used in public relations does not change the facts of the proposal.  It is a recyclable material burning project, not a ‘green’ project.

The Colong Foundations final draft submission explains why this is polluting proposal should not be placed in Sydney's water supply catchment. There are already enough pollution problems caused by coal industry around Lithgow without adding to them.

The no incinerator for Western Sydney group has for years been battling a waste burning proposal at Eastern Creek to protect their community.