Protecting Wilderness and National Parks

Wilderness advocacy

A Wilderness Vision

If Government is to fulfill its obligations to manage protected areas under the Convention on Biological Diversity, then wilderness protection should remain a priority as it best protects nationally significant ecosystems from fragmentation and development.


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Substantial background resources are available below through several links and these give a broad-ranging insight into why wilderness is so very important for Australia. As Dr Geoff Mosley says, "To abandon wilderness would be like throwing away your life boats in a hurricane."

Wilderness and an environmentally sustainable future

Check Wilderness Resurgence statement and seminar proceedings (28 March 2004)



Celebrating Wilderness is more than a picture book; it is essential reading for those who support wilderness protection. With that in mind, the Colong Foundation has decided to provide its text for free.

Is Tourism essential to Wilderness Survival? 

In August 2006 I participated in a debate on the topic of whether "Tourism development is essential for national parks and wilderness survival" in front of the Northern NSW Regional Advisory Committees Conference 2005. 

This paper presented the policy consequences of treating tourism as if it were essential to the survival of national parks and wilderness areas. It identifies the policy issues, pulls no punches and has fun along the way. (download attached .pdf 62KB)

Being for a public debate paper takes a no holds barred approach that makes for an interesting read.

Keith Muir 
Colong Foundation for Wilderness
(Download attached paper .pdf 62KB)

Action toward wilderness protection in Australia 

In October 2006 I presented a paper that examines Australia's efforts to protect wilderness from the all-pervasive influence of modern technological society. I have attempted to tell the story of wilderness conservation in Australia since 1992, analyse the policy issues, make positive suggestions on the ways to go forward. 

The paper was presented at the Eighth World Wilderness Conference in Alaska. The conference will examines Wilderness, Wildlands and People: A Partnership for the Planet. The attached paper addresses this important topic giving a Colong Foundation perspective. 

I hope you find this paper gets you talking with friends and colleagues about wilderness.

Keith Muir 
Colong Foundation for Wilderness
(Download attached paper .pdf 137KB)